The Premier Hair Salon of Apollo Beach

Our Mission


From the moment you walk in to Tangle Me Knot, you’ll notice something different. Customer Service, Teamwork, Smiles; this is our ethos, our goal, our expectation. We thrive on our client interaction and aspire to give you not only the best when it comes to your hair, but also a customer service experience beyond reproach! Our ‘Team TMK’ approach is evident in all aspects of your experience. See below some of the ways we strive to ensure your experience is the best possible in any salon!

  1. Service: We’re obsessed with customer service. So what does that mean? It means that while we know that you have your favorite stylist or colorist, we understand that everyone on our team is responsible for your experience. Our company purpose is simply “Make their day.” Our culture supports team members working together to create your 5-star experience. If your stylist or colorist is running behind, another available team member will be there to assist. If you have a question, anyone will gladly be available to help. Most importantly, you will never get the feeling that you’re locked into one stylist and can’t interact with others here at TMK. We live by this here and it’s for your complete experience!
  2. Teamwork: We believe teamwork is a united effort supporting individual strengths while achieving group goals. You will feel this the moment you walk through our doors. At Tangle Me Knot, everyone is responsible for taking care of you. While we know you have your favorite service provider(s), in our salon culture, it’s okay to try others on our team. We don’t mind. In fact, we encourage it! Celebrities have teams of people who make them look great, why can’t you?
  3. Technology: No, we’re not talking about making you sort your way through a list of dreadful phone options. Instead, we believe in leveraging technology both internally and externally to enhance your experience with us. What we’re talking about is real-time appointment scheduling, printable gift certificates, electronic image portfolios, addressing client challenge, bridal party planning and more. We are always innovating and looking for better ways to meet your needs.
  4. Systems: This enables everyone on the team to focus on what they do best: serving you!
  5. Continuing Education: We have been fortunate to win several awards, BOSS, featured behind the scenes of The Design Tourist television series, and both attend and host several advanced education classes per year, right here in Apollo Beach! We have also sent three of our stylist to NYC to become certified In Japanese Thermal Straightening. We are serious when it comes to our education; we are serious when it comes to your hair!




We believe through constant learning we gain inspiration and excitement which promotes confidence and growth. Education keeps us moving forward to success.


We believe trust in our company builds secure relationships within our team and our guests. Trust promotes ownership, accountability, stability, confidence and happiness.


We believe teamwork is a united effort supporting individual strengths while achieving group goals.


We believe success is growing personally and professionally in a positive environment.


We believe creativity fosters our passion and individuality; continuously inspiring ourselves and others.


We believe in having humor, laughter and fun in our daily work.


We believe that happiness is bringing joy, harmony, and compassion to our personal and professional lives.


We believe that relationships are built on respect and trust, allowing for a loyal support system and a sense of family.


We believe that flexibility is vital to the needs of our guests and our team, fostering an environment of caring and understanding.


We believe that “above and beyond” service builds strong relationships and a connection with our guests. It creates a caring atmosphere and gives us the opportunity to make someone’s day.